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  • noun
    plural tables
    [count] a piece of furniture that has a flat top and one or more legs
    She reserved a table for two at the restaurant.
    Please set the table for dinner. [=place platessilverwareetc., on the table] - see also coffee table, end table
    a piece of furniture with a flat surface that is designed to be used for a particular purpose
    a billiard/poker table - see also card table, drawing table, negotiating table, operating table
    a group of people who are sitting at a table
    He had the attention of the entire table.
    a collection of information that is arranged in rows and columns
    The table shows the salary of each employee. - see also multiplication table, periodic table, times table - see also water table
    at table
    Brit :sitting at a table and eating a meal
    The whole family was at table.
    lay/put (all/all of) your cards on the table
    xem card
    on the table
    able to be considered or discussed
    All options are on the table.
    A new contract offer is on the table.
    run the table
    chiefly US
    pool, billiards, etc. :to hit all the remaining balls into pockets without missing
    informal :to win all the remaining games, points, etc.
    table of contents
    turn the tables
    to change a situation completely so that you have an advantage over someone who previously had an advantage over you - often + on
    under the table
    used to describe a situation in which a worker is being paid in a secret and illegal way in order to avoid paying taxes
    They were paying her under the table.
    He's working under the table.
    To drink someone under the table means to drink more alcohol than someone else without becoming extremely drunk, unconscious, etc.
    He tried to drink me under the table.
    tables; tabled; tabling
    [+ obj] US :to decide not to discuss (something) until a later time
    Brit :to formally present (something) for discussion

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