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  • noun
    /ˈɪnˌdɛks/ , pl indexes or indices /ˈɪndəˌsiːz/
    [count] pl usually indexes :an ordered list: such as
    an alphabetical list at the end of a book that shows the page where each thing in the list can be found
    Look up the recipe for potato soup in the index.
    Potato soup is listed under soup in the index.
    a group of related things that are in alphabetical or numerical order
    a sign or number that shows how something is changing or performing
    a stock index
    (Britan index-linked pension [=a pension that is linked to an index (such as the retail price index) so that it rises or falls as the index does] - see also consumer price index, retail price index
    a device used to point to something (such as a number)
    the index on a scale
    -dexes; -dexed; -dexing
    [+ obj] to provide an index for (something, such as a book) - usually used as (be) indexed
    an indexed book [=a book that has an index]
    to list or include (something) in an index
    to link wages, benefits, etc., to a measurement of changes in the price of goods and services so that they increase at the same rate - usually used as (be) indexed to

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