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  • noun
    plural charts
    [count] information in the form of a table, diagram, etc.
    a chart showing the number of cars sold each month - see also bar chart, flow chart, pie chart
    a record of information about a medical patient
    a map of an area (such as the sky or ocean) used by pilots, sailors, etc.
    a list that shows which music recordings have sold the most during a recent period of time
    usually plural; usually used with the;
    charts; charted; charting
    [+ obj] to make a chart of (an area)
    They charted the bayalso;  :to mark (somethingon a chart
    to make a plan for (something)
    She wanted to chart her own career path.
    He will try to chart a new course for the company.
    to note the changes, progress, etc., in (something)

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