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  • noun
    plural maps
    [count] a picture or chart that shows the rivers, mountains, streets, etc., in a particular area
    a map of the country
    a road/street map [=a map showing the roads/streets of an area]
    Can you find where we are on the map? SorryI'm no good at reading maps.
    How do I get to the stationHerelet me draw you a map. - see also relief map
    a picture or chart that shows the different parts of something
    a map of the brain
    all over the map
    US informal :not staying the same :characterized by frequent and extreme changes
    Prices have been all over the map.
    put (something or someone) on the map
    to make (a place, a person, etc.) famous or well-known
    The story has put our little town on the map.
    maps; mapped; mapping
    [+ obj] to make a map of (something)
    US :to plan the details of (something)
    map onto
    [phrasal verb]
    map (something) onto (something) technical :to find or show the connections between two things or groups of things
    map out
    [phrasal verb]
    map (something) out or map out (something) :to plan the details of (something, such as a program or your future)

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