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  • noun
    plural pipes
    [count] :a long, hollow tube for carrying water, steam, gas, etc.
    [count] :a tube with a small bowl at one end that is used for smoking tobacco
    He smokes a pipe.
    He lit the pipe. - see also peace pipe, water pipe
    [count] :a musical instrument that is in the shape of a tube, has holes along the top, and is played by blowing - see also panpipe
    [count] :any one of the large tubes of an organ that produce sound when air goes through them
    c pipes [plural] :bagpipe
    d pipes [plural] US informal :a singer's voice
    put/stick that in your pipe and smoke it
    informal - used to tell someone that they must accept what you say is true even though they might not like it or agree with you
    pipes; piped; piping
    [+ obj] :to carry or move (something, such as water or oil) in a pipe - often used as (be) piped
    [+ obj] :to send (music or recorded sound) from one place to another through an electrical connection - usually used as (be) piped
    [no obj] :to play a pipe or the bagpipes
    [+ obj] :to play (a tune or song) on a pipe or the bagpipes
    [+ obj] :to decorate a cake, cookie, etc., with a line of (something, such as cream or frosting) by using a special bag or tube
    pipe down
    [phrasal verb] informal :to become quiet :to stop talking
    pipe up
    [phrasal verb] informal :to start talking :to say something

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