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whistle /ˈwɪsəl/  

  • noun
    plural whistles
    [count] a small device that makes a very high and loud sound when a person blows air through it
    The policeman blew his whistle.
    a device through which air or steam is forced to produce a very high and loud sound
    a factory whistle
    We could hear the train's whistle. - see also bells and whistles
    a high and loud sound made by forcing air through your lips or teeth
    He gave a whistle [=he whistledto catch my attention. - see also wolf whistle
    a sound made by blowing
    We could hear the low whistle of the wind through the trees.
    the whistle of the tea kettle
    blow the whistle
    to tell police, reporters, etc., about something (such as a crime) that has been kept secret - usually + on
    clean as a whistle
    informal :very clean
    We scrubbed the old boat until it was (asclean as a whistle.
    wet your whistle
    US informal :to have a drink
    Would you like to wet your whistle? [=would you like a drink?]
    whistles; whistled; whistling
    to make a high sound by blowing air through your lips or teeth [no obj]
    He whistled for a cab. [+ obj]
    [no obj] :to produce a high and loud sound by forcing air or steam through a device
    The teakettle started to whistle.
    always followed by an adverb or preposition [no obj] :to move, pass, or go very fast with a high sound
    whistle in the dark
    or whistle past the graveyard
    informal :to act or talk as if you are relaxed and not afraid when you are actually afraid or nervous

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