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  • noun
    plural -nels
    [count] a television or radio station
    The TV program airs at 8:00 p.mon Channel 5.
    Change the channel, please.
    What is your favorite radio channel?
    a movie/news/sports channel
    a system used for sending something (such as information or supplies) from one place or person to another
    E-mail is a channel of communication. - often plural
    a way of expressing your ideas, feelings, etc., to other people
    Art provides a channel for creativity.
    Music became a channel for her emotions.
    a path, tube, or long narrow place where water flows
    a deep part of a river, harbor, or other body of water where ships can go
    a narrow channel of the Mississippi River
    a narrow area of the sea between two large areas of land that are close together
    -nels; US -neled or Brit -nelled; US -neling or Brit -nelling
    [+ obj] to express (your ideas, thoughts, feelings, energy, etc.) through a particular behavior or action
    to send (food, money, etc.) to someone or something
    to carry and move (something, such as water) in or through a tube, passage, etc.
    to allow (the spirit of a dead person) to enter your body in order to talk with living people

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