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  • noun
    plural ditches
    [count] :a long narrow hole that is dug along a road, field, etc., and used to hold or move water
    He drove the car into the ditch. - see also last-ditch
    ditches; ditched; ditching
    [+ obj] informal :to stop having or using (something you no longer want or need) :to get rid of (something)
    [+ obj] informal :to end a relationship with (someone)
    [+ obj] US informal :to get away from (someone you do not want to be with) without saying that you are leaving
    [+ obj] US informal :to not go to (something, such as school, work, etc.)
    Let's ditch [=skipschool today.
    to land an aircraft on water because of an emergency :to crash-land on water [no obj]
    Engine trouble forced the pilot to ditch. [+ obj]
    He had to ditch the helicopter.

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