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  • noun
    plural -rows
    [count] a long and narrow cut in the ground
    a narrow line or wrinkle in the skin of a person's face
    When he frowns a deep furrow forms in his brow.
    plough a furrow
    Brit literary
    If you plough your own furrow, you do something that is different from what other people do.
    She was not afraid to plough her own furrow. [=to act independentlyto do something no one else has doneIf you plough the same furrow, you do the same thing someone else does.
    He was not content to plough the same furrow as his fatherIf you plough a lone/lonely furrow, you do something alone or do something that no one else will do.
    She has had to plough a lone/lonely furrow in her pursuit of reform.
    -rows; -rowed; -rowing
    to make furrows in (something) [+ obj]