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  • noun
    plural grooves
    [count] :a long, narrow cut or low area in a surface
    The door slides along a groove in the doorframe.
    [singular] informal
    a US :a state in which you are able to do something well and easily especially because you are doing it often
    It's not hard to do a little studying each day once you get into a/the groove. [=routine]
    He's a great pitcher when he's in a/the groove.
    She hasn't yet found her groove.
    b chiefly Brit :a dull routine that does not change :rut
    They've gotten stuck in a groove in their jobs.
    [count] informal :an enjoyable pattern of sound in music
    grooves; grooved; grooving
    [no obj] informal + old-fashioned :to enjoy listening to or dancing to music