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  • noun
    /ˈpæɵ, Brit ˈpɑːɵ/ , pl paths /ˈpæðz, Brit ˈpɑːðz/
    [count] a track that is made by people or animals walking over the ground
    a steep mountain path
    The path led down the hill.
    a track that is specially made for people to walk or ride on
    a bike path
    a paved path - see also bridle path
    the area in front of someone or something that is moving
    He tried to leave but one of the guards blocked his path. - see also flight path
    a way of living or proceeding that leads to something
    beat a path
    xem beat
    cross paths
    xem cross
    lead someone down/up the garden path
    xem lead
    off the beaten path
    xem beaten
    take/follow the path of least resistance

    * Các từ tương tự:
    pathetic, pathfinder, pathogen, pathological, pathologist, pathology, pathos, pathway