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  • noun
    plural -cuits
    [count] a series of performances, sports events, lectures, etc., that are held or done at many different places - usually singular
    He is one of the most popular drivers on the (racing) circuit.
    the women's tennis circuit
    a path or trip around something
    It takes a year for the Earth to make one circuit around the sun. - often + of
    She made a circuit of the museum.
    the complete path that an electric current travels along
    a 120-volt circuit - see also closed-circuitintegrated circuit, printed circuit, short circuit
    US law
    a or Circuit :a legal district that is established within a state or within the federal judicial system
    She was appointed chief judge for the circuit.
    The case will be heard by a court in the Third Circuit.
    b Circuit :a court of appeals for a particular circuit in the federal judicial system

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