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  • noun
    refusal to accept something new or different [noncount] - often + from
    She sensed resistance from some of the staff regarding the changes in policy. - often + to
    There was a lot of resistance to the plan when it was first suggested. [singular]
    They have shown a stubborn resistance to change.
    [noncount] :effort made to stop or to fight against someone or something
    He offered no resistance when he was arrested. [=he did not try to prevent himself from being arrested]
    The troops met heavy/stiff resistance as they approached the city. - see also passive resistance
    the ability to prevent something from having an effect [noncount]
    The paint shows good weather resistance. - often + to
    the body's resistance to disease [singular]
    [noncount] :a force that slows down a moving object (such as an airplane) by going against the direction in which the object is moving
    reducing wind resistance
    or Resistance [singular] :a secret organization that fights against enemy forces who have gained control of a region, country, etc.
    a member of the French Resistance
    resistance forces
    [noncount] technical :the ability of a substance to prevent electricity from passing through it
    electrical resistance
    take/follow the path/line of least resistance
    to choose the easiest way to do something instead of trying to choose the best way