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opposition /ˌɑːpəˈzɪʃən/  

  • noun
    plural -tions
    [noncount] :actions or opinions that show that you disagree with or disapprove of someone or something
    The nominee faces strong opposition in the Senate.
    The proposed change has met with opposition from the town's business leaders. - often + to
    He expressed his opposition to the new law.
    [noncount] :action that is done to stop or defeat someone or something
    the opposition
    a person or group that you are trying to defeat or succeed against :a person or group that you are competing with
    The coach advised her team not to underestimate the opposition.
    b or the Opposition :a political party that is trying to replace the political party in power
    The opposition is likely to win (inthe upcoming elections.
    He's a member of the country's opposition party.
    [noncount] formal :the state or relationship of two things that are completely different from each other
    in opposition to
    in a way that is against someone or something
    He spoke in opposition to the new law.
    in a way that shows how two things are different or disagree
    two words that can be defined in opposition to each other