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  • adjective
    greener; -est
    having the color of growing grass
    green leaves
    a green sweater
    covered by green grass or other plants
    green fields
    consisting of green plants or of the leaves of plants
    a green salad
    feeling envy - usually used in the phrase green with envy
    not ripe yet
    green tomatoes
    not having training, knowledge, or experience
    green troops
    informal :having a pale or sick appearance
    trying to protect or meant to protect the natural world :concerned with protecting the environment
    greener pastures
    plural greens
    a color that is like the color of growing grass [noncount]
    shades of green [count]
    see color picture
    greens [plural] :the leaves of plants used for food
    see color picture
    [count] a large area covered with growing grass in the center of a town or village
    The town green was the center of activity.
    b golf :an area covered with very short grass around the hole into which the ball must be played
    It took him four shots to get to the green. - called also putting green
    or Green [count] :a person who tries to protect the natural world especially; :a person who belongs to a political party that has the protection of the environment as its main goal

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