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pasture /ˈpæsʧɚ/  /Brit ˈpɑːsʧə/

  • noun
    plural -tures
    a large area of land where animals feed on the grass [count]
    The horses were grazing in the pasture. [noncount]
    Most of their land is pasture.
    She put/sent/turned the sheep out to pasture. [=she brought the sheep to a pasture to eat the grass]
    greener pastures
    or Brit pastures new
    a new and better place or situation
    put (someone) out to pasture
    to force (someone) to leave a job because of old age
    I'm not ready to be put out to pasture yet. - sometimes used of things
    I put my old computer out to pasture. [=got rid of my old computer]
    -tures; -tured; -turing
    [+ obj] :to put (an animal) in a pasture to feed on the grass

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