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  • noun
    plural grasses
    [noncount] :plants that have narrow green leaves, that are eaten by cows, sheep, horses, etc., and that are commonly grown on lawns and in gardens
    a field of grass
    blades/tufts of grass
    It's time to mow/cut the grass. [=mow/cut the lawn]
    Keep off the grass. [=don't walk on the lawn] - often used before another noun
    grass clippings
    grass seed
    a grass hut/skirt [=a hut/skirt made from grass]
    [count] :a particular type of grass
    [noncount] slang :marijuana
    They were smoking some grass.
    [count] Brit slang :a person who gives information to the police about the criminal activity of other people :a police informer - see also supergrass
    let the grass grow under your feet
    to wait before doing something or to do something slowly - used in negative statements
    put (someone) out to grass
    Brit :to force (someone) to leave a job because of old age
    I'm not ready to be put out to grass [=put out to pasturejust yet.
    the grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence)
    used to say that the things you do not have always seem more appealing than the things you do have;
    grasses; grassed; grassing
    [+ obj] :to cover (an area) with grass
    grass on/up
    [phrasal verb]
    grass on (someone) also grass (someone) up Brit slang :to tell the police about the criminal activity of (someone)
    He refused to grass on [=inform onhis friends.

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