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  • noun
    plural spurs
    [count] :a sharp pointed object that is attached to the heel of a horse rider's boot and that is pressed into the horse's side to make the horse go faster
    [singular] :something that makes you want to do something or that causes something to happen :incentive - often + to
    a spur to the imagination
    [count] :a mass of sharp rock on the side of a mountain
    [count] :a short section of railway track that leads from the main line
    on/at the spur of the moment
    If something is done on/at the spur of the moment, it is done immediately without planning.
    win/earn your spurs
    to do something which shows that you deserve to be respected or noticed
    spurs; spurred; spurring
    [+ obj] to encourage (someone) to do or achieve something
    to cause (something) to happen or to happen more quickly
    to urge (a horse) to go faster by pushing spurs into its sides

    * Các từ tương tự:
    spurious, spurn, spur-of-the-moment, spurt