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impulse /ˈɪmˌpʌls/  

  • noun
    plural -pulses
    [count] a sudden strong desire to do something
    a generous impulse - often followed by to + verb
    He had to resist the impulse [=urgeto shout.
    My first/initial impulse was to say no.
    To do something on (an) impulse or on a sudden impulse is to do it suddenly and without thinking about it first.
    He bought a new camera on impulse.
    She quit her job on a sudden impulse. An impulse buy/purchase is something that is bought on impulse and that usually is not really needed.
    The camera was an impulse buy. Impulse buying is the act or practice of buying things on impulse.
    Shopping with a credit card can lead to impulse buying.
    technical :a small amount of energy that moves from one area to another
    an electrical impulse