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  • noun
    plural -tunes
    [count] :a very large amount of money - usually singular
    He won/made a fortune (bygambling.
    Their house is worth a fortune.
    She made her/a fortune in real estate.
    [noncount] somewhat formal :a great amount of money or possessions :wealth
    He is a man of considerable fortune. [=he is a wealthy man]
    He hoped to achieve fame and fortune.
    [noncount] :something that happens by chance :luck
    Our meeting here was a real stroke of (good) fortune.
    fortunes [plural] :the good and bad things that happen to someone
    [count] :the future that someone or something will have
    She said that she could tell my fortune. [=could tell what would happen to me in the future]
    I had my fortune told. - see also soldier of fortune

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