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  • noun
    plural -tures
    [noncount] :the period of time that will come after the present time
    (BritHe promises to do better in future. [=from now onfrom this time onward]
    usually used with the
    (USHe promises to do better in the future.
    We're making plans for the future.
    What do you think you will be doing in the future?
    What does/will the future hold for you?
    the near/immediate future
    the foreseeable future
    Changes are expected in the not too distant future. [=soon]
    b the future :the events that will happen after the present time
    [count] :the condition or situation of someone or something in the time that will come
    He has a promising future (ahead of him).
    Their future looks bright.
    The future was already decided for her.
    There is no future for you in this business. = You have no future in this business. [=there is no chance that you will succeed in this business]
    the future grammar :future tense
    futures [plural] finance :goods or shares that are bought at prices which are agreed to now but that are delivered at a later time
    mortgage the/your future
    always used before a noun
    coming after the present time :existing in the future
    We cannot predict future events.
    You should keep these instructions for future reference. [=so that you can refer to them when you need to in the future]
    used to say what someone or something will be
    He met his future wife [=the woman who would become his wifeat college.
    the country's future king

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