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  • noun
    plural smells
    [count] the quality of a thing that you can sense with your nose :odor
    the smell [=scentof her perfume
    an unpleasant odor
    What is that smell?
    [noncount] :the ability to notice or recognize odors :the ability to smell things
    Dogs have a keen sense of smell.
    [singular] :an act of smelling something
    One smell [=whiffof this perfume and you will fall in love with it.
    smells; smelled or Brit smelt ; smelling
    [+ obj] :to use your nose to sense smells
    to be able to use your nose to sense smells [no obj]
    I have a cold right now so I can't smell. [+ obj]
    c not used in progressive tenses [+ obj] :to notice something because of its smell
    I could smell dinner cooking.
    I think I smell gas.
    [linking verb] :to have a particular smell
    b not used in progressive tenses [no obj] :to have a bad smell
    These sneakers smell. [=stink]
    [+ obj] :to sense or detect (something) :to think that (something) is going to happen
    Can't you smell the profits?
    I smell trouble. [=I think there's going to be trouble]
    [no obj] :to appear or seem to have a certain quality
    come out/up smelling like a rose
    xem rose
    smell a rat
    xem rat
    smell out
    [phrasal verb]
    smell (something) out or smell out (something) :to find (something) by smelling it
    Police have trained the dogs to smell out [=sniff outdrugs.
    (stop and) smell the roses
    xem rose

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