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  • noun
    plural scents
    [count] a pleasant smell that is produced by something
    The flower has a wonderful scent.
    a smell that is left by an animal or person and that can be sensed and followed by some animals (such as dogs)
    The dogs followed the fox's scent.
    Scientists are on the scent of a cure. [=are looking for and are close to finding a cure]
    [singular] a slight indication of something that is going to happen or that might happen
    There was a scent [=hintof trouble in the air. [=trouble was developing]
    a quality that suggests or shows the existence of something
    Her story has a/the scent of truth. [=her story seems to be true]
    [count, noncount] :a liquid that is put on your body to give it a pleasant odor :perfume
    a bottle of scent
    scents; scented; scenting
    [+ obj] to become aware of (something) by smell
    to give (something) a pleasing smell

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