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  • verb
    /ˈstɪŋk/ stinks; stank /ˈstæŋk/ or stunk /ˈstʌŋk/; stunk; stinking
    [no obj]
    to have a very bad smell
    These dirty clothes stink.
    to do something very poorly
    I stink at golf. [=I'm a very bad golfer]
    to be very low in quality
    to be very unpleasant, unfair, etc.
    stink up
    US or Brit stink out [phrasal verb]
    stink (something) up/out or stink up/out (something) :to give a very bad smell to (something)
    His cigars stink up the house.
    stink up the joint
    xem joint
    [singular] a very bad smell
    the stink of garbage
    informal :a situation in which someone complains in a very angry and often public way
    She caused (quitea stink when her request was refused.
    People raised a stink about the new law.
    He kicked up a stink about the way he'd been treated.

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