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  • noun
    plural joints
    [count] a point where two bones meet in the body
    a place where two things or parts are joined
    [count] informal
    a particular place
    a cheap bar or club
    I can't believe we came to a (cheap) joint like this.
    an informal restaurant
    a hamburger/pizza joint
    [count] informal :a marijuana cigarette
    smoking a joint
    the joint US slang :prison
    five years in the joint
    [count] chiefly Brit :a large piece of meat for roasting
    a joint of beef
    out of joint
    of a bone :not in the correct position :out of its socket
    informal :not in agreement or order
    If you have your nose out of joint, you are angry or annoyed.
    We had to wait a whilebut that wasn't any reason for him to get his nose out of joint.
    stink up the joint
    US informal :to perform or play very badly
    This year the team is really stinking up the joint.
    always used before a noun
    combining the work of two or more people or groups of people
    It took a joint [=unitedeffort to get the job done.
    a joint session of (both houses ofCongress
    done by or involving two or more people
    a joint venture
    joint research
    filing a joint tax return
    They had a joint account at the bank.
    (BritThey came in joint third. [=they both finished in third place]
    doing something together
    joint owners

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