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  • verb
    roasts; roasted; roasting
    to cook (food such as chicken, potatoes, or beef) with dry heat in an oven or over a fire [+ obj]
    to dry (something, such as a bean or nut) with heat [+ obj]
    [no obj] informal :to be very hot
    [+ obj] informal :to criticize (someone or something) severely
    [+ obj] US informal :to criticize (someone who is being honored at a special event) in a friendly or joking way :to tell jokes or funny stories about (someone)
    plural roasts
    a piece of meat that is roasted [count]
    She made a roast for dinner. [noncount]
    We're having pork roast for dinner. - see also pot roast
    [count] US :an outdoor party at which food is cooked over an open fire
    a pig roast
    [count] US :an event at which someone is honored and people tell jokes or funny stories about that person in a friendly way
    a celebrity roast
    always used before a noun
    cooked by roasting

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