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  • noun
    plural rags
    [count] :a piece of cloth that is old and no longer in good condition :a scrap of cloth
    She used a rag to mop up the spill.
    rags [plural]
    a informal :clothes
    clothing that is in poor condition
    [count] informal :a newspaper of poor quality
    He's a writer for our local rag.
    [count] :a piece of ragtime music
    a piano rag
    a red rag to a bull
    xem red
    chew the rag
    xem chew
    from rags to riches
    from being poor to being wealthy :from a state of having very little money to a state of having a lot of money
    rags; ragged; ragging
    informal :to laugh at and make jokes about (someone) [+ obj]
    The other kids ragged [=teasedrazzedhim for having a crush on the teacher. [no obj] (US) - + on

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