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  • verb
    -gues; -gued; -guing
    to give reasons for or against something :to say or write things in order to change someone's opinion about what is true, what should be done, etc. [no obj]
    He's always willing to argue for what is right.
    argue for better funding [+ obj]
    [+ obj] :to cause (someone) to decide to do or not do something by giving reasons
    No one can argue me out of doing this.
    [no obj] :to disagree or fight by using angry words :quarrel
    She would argue with anyone.
    [no obj] :to express doubt or disagreement about something - + with
    [no obj] :to show that something is or is not necessary, appropriate, etc. - usually + for or against
    [+ obj] formal :to give evidence of (something)
    The facts argue [=indicateshowhis innocence.
    argue the toss
    xem toss