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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    having an edge or surface that is not straight or even
    a ragged outline
    ragged [=(more commonlyjaggedcliffs
    in bad condition especially because of being torn
    a ragged dress
    a boy in ragged jeans
    wearing clothes that are torn and in poor condition
    a ragged orphan
    tired from effort or stress
    not as good as possible :having good parts and bad parts
    a ragged performance
    harsh and not regular :not smooth or even
    a ragged cough/breath
    on the ragged edge
    US informal :very close to failure
    Our budget is on the ragged edge as it is.
    run (someone) ragged
    informal :to make (someone) very tired
    All this travel is running me ragged!
    He was run ragged [=worn outwith/by all the travel.

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