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  • adjective
    kindlier; -est
    [also more ~; most ~] :having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others :kind
    A kindly woman helped him find his way home.
    a kindly smile
    [more ~; most ~] :in a kind way
    She always treats animals kindly.
    They kindly offered to help us.
    used to make a formal request
    Would you kindly turn down the musicI'm trying to read.
    Kindly leave me alone.
    look kindly on/upon
    to approve of (something or someone)
    He says that he will look kindly on any request you make.
    take kindly to
    to willingly accept or approve of (someone or something) - usually used in negative statements
    He does not take kindly to criticism. [=he does not like to be criticized]
    She does not take kindly to people who tell her what to do.