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  • noun
    plural halls
    [count] a usually long, narrow passage inside a building with doors that lead to rooms on the sides
    The bathroom is down the hall.
    Her office is at the end of the hall.
    the area inside the entrance of a building
    I'll meet you in the front hall.
    The front door opens onto a large hall.
    a large room or building for meetings, entertainment, etc.
    Carnegie Hall
    the Hampden County Hall of Justice - see also city hall, mess hall, music hall, town hall
    a building where students live at a college or university :dormitory
    (USa residence hall = (Brita hall of residence
    Brit :a large, impressive house - used in proper names
    The family owned Locksley Hall for generations. - see also study hall
    the halls of power
    xem power

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