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  • noun
    plural -ings
    [count] :a gathering of people for a particular purpose (such as to talk about business)
    She was too busy to attend the meeting.
    a committee/staff meeting
    I wasn't able to talk to him because he was in a meeting.
    a gathering of people for religious worship [count]
    a Quaker meeting
    a revival meeting
    a prayer meeting [noncount]
    (USHe attends Quaker meeting.
    [count] a situation or occasion when two people see and talk to each other
    a situation or occasion when athletes or teams compete against each other
    c Brit :2meet
    an athletics meeting
    [singular] :the place where two things come together
    a town at the meeting of two rivers
    a meeting of minds
    or US a meeting of the minds
    an understanding or agreement between two people or groups
    The company and the union tried to come to a meeting of the minds. [=they tried to reach an agreement]

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