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  • verb
    hires; hired; hiring
    a chiefly US :to give work or a job to (someone) in exchange for wages or a salary [+ obj]
    [+ obj] :to use or get the services of (someone) to do a particular job
    [+ obj] chiefly Brit :to pay to use (something) :rent
    hire a hall
    hire out
    [phrasal verb]
    hire out (something) or hire (something) out chiefly Brit :to allow someone to use (something) in exchange for money
    hire out or hire (yourself) out US informal :to take a job :to work for wages or a salary
    plural hires
    [count] US informal :someone who has been hired for a job
    [noncount] Brit :rental
    a hire car [=a car that is or can be renteda rental car]
    for hire
    available to be used in exchange for money
    They have boats (availablefor hire. [=for rent]
    available to do work in exchange for money
    in exchange for money
    He says he'll do farm work for hire.
    on hire
    chiefly Brit :kept to be used by people in exchange for money

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