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  • noun
    plural towns
    [count] :a place where people live that is larger than a village but smaller than a city
    a town in Georgia
    a mining town
    the town of JacksonFlorida
    town officials - see also county town, ghost town, shantytowntwin town
    [count] :the people in a town - usually singular
    I think the entire town has heard the news by now.
    The whole town was at the parade.
    b the town :the government of a town
    [noncount] :the business and shopping center of a town
    the town where someone lives [noncount]
    He left town when he was 16.
    The circus is coming to town.
    the town parade
    This is the best restaurant in town. [=in this town]
    Let's get togetherI'll be in town  week. [=I'll be in your town  week]
    She's from out of town. [=from a different town] [singular]
    My town has changed a lot over the years. - see also hometown
    go to town
    informal :to do something in a very thorough and enthusiastic way
    When they throw a partythey really go to town. [=they spend a lot of money and have a big party] - often + on
    hit the town
    informal :to spend time in the area of a city or town where there are a lot of restaurants, bars, etc.
    (out) on the town
    informal :going to the restaurants, bars, etc., of a city or town for entertainment
    We spent the night out on the town.
    paint the town (red)
    xem paint
    the talk of the town
    xem talk

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