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  • noun
    plural cities
    [count] :a place where people live that is larger or more important than a town :an area where many people live and work
    the city of Boston
    a city government
    We spent the weekend in the city. [=in the nearest big city]
    This sense is sometimes used in the name of a city.
    New York City
    Mexico City
    Kansas City
    [count] :the people in a city - usually singular
    I think the entire city has heard the news by now.
    b the city :the government of a city
    a lawsuit against the city
    the City :the section of London that is Great Britain's financial and business center
    [noncount] chiefly US informal - used to describe a place where there is a lot of a particular thing or activity
    Their house was pet city. [=there were a lot of pets in their house]
    the big city
    used to refer to a particular city without naming it
    I grew up on a farmso my move to the big city was a big change.
    life in the big city - see also big-city

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