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  • noun
    plural tapes
    [noncount] :a long, narrow piece of material that is sticky on one side and that is used to stick things together or to cover or repair something
    a piece of tape
    His eyeglasses are held together with tape. - see also duct tape, masking tape
    [noncount] :a thin piece of plastic that is coated with magnetic material on which information (such as sound or television images) may be stored
    The show was recorded on tape. - called also magnetic tape
    [count] :something recorded on tape
    I was listening to a tape in the car. - called also tape recording
    [count] :a thin case that contains a long piece of magnetic tape on which something is recorded :cassette
    an audio tape
    She stuck a tape in the VCR. - see also videotape
    the tape :a long, thin piece of material that is stretched across the finish line of a race
    She broke the tape [=she finished first in the racein record time.
    [count] :tape measure
    [noncount] :a long, thin piece of plastic, paper, or cloth
    The crime scene was marked off with yellow police tape. - see also red tape, ticker tape
    tapes; taped; taping
    [+ obj] to attach (something) using sticky tape
    to fasten, tie, or cover (something) with tape
    He taped (upthe ends of the wire.
    to record (something) on magnetic tape
    chiefly US :to wrap (an injured body part) tightly with long pieces of special cloth
    have (someone) taped
    Brit informal :to completely understand (someone) :to know how to deal with (someone)

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