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  • noun
    plural reels
    [count] a device shaped like a cylinder that a string, cord, etc., is wrapped around
    a garden hose reel
    (Brita cotton reel [=(USa spool of thread]
    a device that is attached to the handle of a fishing pole and used to wrap and release the line
    He bought a new rod and (fishing) reel.
    an object that is used to hold and release film or tape
    a reel of film
    a part of a movie that is on a reel of film
    There's an exciting chase scene in the movie's second reel. - compare 4reel
    reels; reeled; reeling
    compare 3reel
    reel in
    [phrasal verb]
    reel (something) in or reel in (something) :to pull in (a fish that is caught on a hook on the end of a fishing line) by turning the reel of a fishing rod
    reel off
    [phrasal verb]
    reel (something) off or reel off (something) :to say (something) easily and quickly
    reels; reeled; reeling
    [no obj]
    to be very shocked, confused, and upset
    to move or fall back suddenly
    to move or walk in a way that is very unsteady
    plural reels
    [count] :a lively dance originally from Scotland and Ireland also; :the music for this dance - see also virginia reel - compare 1reel

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