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  • verb
    shoves; shoved; shoving
    [+ obj] :to push (something) with force
    to push (someone or something) along or away in a rough or careless way [+ obj]
    shove it
    US informal + impolite - used to say that you will not accept or do something
    shove off
    [phrasal verb] informal :to leave a place
    It's getting lateso I guess I should shove off.
    She angrily told him to shove off.
    shove over
    or chiefly Brit shove up
    [phrasal verb] informal :to move over to make room for someone else
    Shove over [=push overso that I can sit downtoo.
    shove (something) down someone's throat
    xem throat
    plural shoves
    [count] :a strong, forceful push
    He gave the door a shove, and it opened.
    push comes to shove
    xem push

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