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  • noun
    plural prizes
    [count] something that is won in a contest or given as an award
    $500 was the prize for first place.
    He won first/second/third prize.
    The grand prize [=the best prize] of the drawing went to his daughter. - see also booby prize, consolation prize, door prize, nobel prize, pulitzer prize
    something that is very valuable or desirable and that is difficult to get
    always used before a noun
    given as an award or prize
    prize money
    winning a prize
    a prize [=(more commonlyprizewinningessay
    very good or impressive :deserving an award or prize
    a prize student
    Brit informal :real or complete
    I felt a prize fool for making such a stupid mistake.
    prizes; prized; prizing
    [+ obj] :to value (someone or something) very highly
    I know that you prize our friendship. <SYNR
    synonyms seeappreciate</SYNR - compare 4prize
    US or Brit prise prizes; prized; prizing
    [+ obj] somewhat formal :to open or move (something) with a tool
    I tried to prize [=(USprythe lid off the jar.
    He tried to prize the information out of me. [=he tried to force me to give him the information] - compare 3prize

    * Các từ tương tự:
    prized, prizefight, prize-giving, prizewinner