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  • verb
    hauls; hauled; hauling
    [+ obj] always followed by an adverb or preposition
    to pull or drag (something) with effort
    Haul the ropes in. = Haul in the ropes.
    to move or carry (something) with effort
    We used buckets to haul water up from the river.
    always followed by an adverb or preposition :to force (someone) to go or come to a place
    to carry (someone or something) in a vehicle
    haul ass
    US informal + impolite :to move quickly
    haul in
    [phrasal verb]
    haul in (something) or haul (something) in US sports :to catch (a ball or pass)
    haul off and
    US informal :to suddenly do (something specified) - followed by a verb that expresses some kind of usually violent action
    haul on
    [phrasal verb]
    haul on (something) :to forcefully pull (something)
    haul on the reins
    haul over the coals
    xem coal
    plural hauls
    [count] the act of pulling or dragging something with effort :the act of hauling something
    each haul of the rope
    a usually large amount of something that has been stolen, collected, or won
    a burglar's haul
    a distance to be traveled
    It's just a short haul from our cabin to the beach. - see also long haul