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  • adjective
    dearer; -est
    [also more ~; most ~]
    loved or valued very much
    He's a dear [=preciousfriend of mine.
    Our neighbor is a dear old lady. - often + to
    My grandmother was very dear to me.
    used in writing to address someone
    Dear Sir or Madam
    Dear Jane
    chiefly Brit :having a high price :expensive
    Peaches are dear this time of year.
    for dear life
    xem life
    with love and respect - used in the phrase hold dear
    the way of life they hold dear - see also cost you dear at 2cost
    plural dears
    [count] used to address someone you love
    Hello, dear. [=darlingsweetheart]
    Yesmy dear?
    John, dear, what time will you be home?
    a kind and helpful person
    Be a dear and take this for me.
    used especially to express surprise, fear, or disappointment
    Oh dear! What a mess!
    Oh, dear me!
    Dear GodWhat are we going to do?

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    dearly, dearth