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  • noun
    plural pets
    [count] an animal (such as a dog, cat, bird, or fish) that people keep mainly for pleasure
    He caught a snake and kept it as a pet for several years.
    An orange cat named Alex was our first family pet. [=a pet kept by a family] - often used before another noun
    pet food
    a pet store
    a pet dog/cat
    Brit - used to address someone in a loving or friendly way
    What's the matter, pet? [=darling] - see also teacher's pet
    always used before a noun
    very interesting or important to a particular person
    I have my own pet [=favoritetheory about that.
    pets; petted; petting
    [+ obj] :to touch (a cat, dog, child, etc.) with your hand in a loving or friendly way
    [no obj] informal :to kiss and touch someone in a sexual way

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