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  • noun
    plural -bies
    [count] a very young child
    She had the baby yesterday. = She gave birth to the baby yesterday.
    Are you expecting a baby? [=are you pregnant?]
    I hear the baby crying.
    a baby girl/boy
    baby clothes
    baby pictures
    a baby monitor
    (USI gave my sister a baby shower. [=a party at which gifts are given to a woman who is pregnant]
    She has a real baby face. [=a face that resembles the face of a baby; a face that looks young and innocent]
    a very young animal
    a baby bird
    a baby deer
    the youngest member of a group
    my baby sister
    someone who is young in comparison with others
    Only 32? Ohyou're just a baby!
    someone who behaves like a child especially; :someone who is afraid or who complains a lot
    When it comes to getting shotsI'm a real baby.
    a lover or sweetheart
    This sense of baby is common in song lyrics.
    b - used as an informal way of addressing a lover, friend, etc.; used especially by men to address women and by women to address men
    I missed you, baby.
    This sense of baby is sometimes used in a very informal way by men to address an attractive woman.
    Hey baby, nice carUsing baby to address someone you do not know well may cause offense.
    something that someone has created and developed with special personal attention or interest
    This project is my baby.
    hold the baby
    xem hold
    throw out the baby with the bathwater
    informal :to get rid of something you want while trying to get rid of something you do not want
    always used before a noun
    very small :much smaller than usual
    a baby grand piano
    Take baby steps.
    -bies; -bied; -bying
    [+ obj] to treat (someone) like a baby :to be kind or too kind to (someone)
    to operate or treat (something) in a very careful and gentle way
    baby a car

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