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  • noun
    /ˈʧajəld/ , pl children /ˈʧɪldrən/
    [count] a young person
    the birth of a child
    I went there once as a child. [=when I was a child] - often used before another noun.
    a child prodigy
    a child actor
    a son or daughter
    an adult who acts like a child :a childlike or childish person
    I'm a child when it comes to doing taxes. [=I need to be told or shown what to do]
    a person who has been strongly influenced by a certain place or time or by the events happening during that time
    She's a child of her time.
    a child of the Depression - see also brainchild
    children should be seen and not heard
    used to say that children should be quiet and well-behaved;
    with child
    old-fashioned :pregnant

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