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examination /ɪgˌzæməˈneɪʃən/  

  • noun
    plural -tions
    the act of looking at something closely and carefully :the act of examining something [noncount]
    On closer/further examination, the painting appears to be a fake.
    The victim's clothes were sent to the lab for examination.
    The policy is under examination. [=is being examined] [count]
    [count] :a close and careful study of someone or something to find signs of illness or injury
    an examination table [=a table in a doctor's office on which a patient lies to be examined]
    [count] :a test to show a person's progress, knowledge, or ability
    I have to study for the history examination.
    an examination in/on history
    I took an examination. = (BritI did/sat an examination.
    an entrance examination [=a test to see if someone should be admitted to a school]
    [noncount] law :the act of questioning a witness in a court of law