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  • adjective
    always used before a noun
    occupying the number three position in a series
    We sat in the third row.
    the third house on the left
    the author's third novel
    C is the third letter in the alphabet.
    That's the third time I've seen him today.
    The office is on the third floor.
    next to the second in importance or rank
    I won third prize.
    Do you have a third choice?
    equal in size, value, amount, etc., to one third of something
    a third share in the profits
    a third pound of cheese
    used to refer to the third forward gear or speed of a vehicle
    shift into third gear
    the third time is the charm
    US or Brit third time lucky - used to say that two efforts at something have already failed but perhaps the third will be successful;
    plural thirds
    [singular] :something that is third :the third thing in a series
    We arrived on the third of October. [=on October 3]
    The win was his third of the year.
    [count] :one of three equal parts of something
    a third of the pie
    [noncount] :the third forward gear or speed of a vehicle
    He shifted to/into third.
    [noncount] baseball :third base
    He stole third.
    There's a runner on third.
    [count] Brit :an undergraduate degree of the lowest level from a British university
    He took/received a third in history.

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