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  • noun
    plural grills
    [count] a metal frame that is used to cook food over hot coals or an open fire
    She put the hamburgers on the grill.
    a cooking device with a grill
    a portable gas grill
    an electric device in which food is cooked between two hot surfaces
    a restaurant that serves grilled or broiled foods
    Jackie's Bar and Grill
    a dish of grilled or broiled food
    a seafood grill
    a mixed grill [=a dish of various grilled meats]
    Brit :broiler
    grills; grilled; grilling
    [+ obj] chiefly US
    to cook (food) on a metal frame over fire
    to fry or toast (something, such as a sandwich) on a hot surface
    Brit :to cook (food) directly over or under high heat :broil
    informal :to ask (someone) a series of difficult and unpleasant questions :to question (someone) intensely

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