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  • adverb
    [more ~; most ~]
    used to stress that something is accurate, complete, or correct
    The mansion has exactly 33 rooms.
    I know exactly where they went.
    The two rooms are exactly the same size.
    When exactly are they supposed to arrive? = Exactly when are they supposed to arrive?
    informal - used in speech to say that what someone has said is exactly correct or that you agree with it completely
    So you think we should take an earlier flight? Exactly. [=yesthat's exactly what I think]
    It's just not worth the trouble. Exactly. - see also not exactly (below)
    in a correct or precise way
    You need to do exactly [=justpreciselyas you're told.
    in every way
    That was exactly the wrong thing to do.
    He is exactly what a good student ought to be.
    not exactly
    used in speech as a mild way of saying no especially to indicate that what someone has said is not completely correct or true
    He's your bossisn't heNot exactly.
    Did everything go the way you planned itNot exactly.
    used as a humorous or ironic way to say not
    He's not exactly the smartest guy I've ever met. [=he is not very smart]