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  • adverb
    in a literal way: such as
    in a way that uses the ordinary and usual meaning of a word
    Many words can be used both literally and figuratively.
    He took her comments literally.
    He's a sailor who knows his ropes, literally and figuratively.
    b - used to stress that a statement or description is true and accurate even though it may be surprising
    He was literally [=trulyactuallyinsane.
    He was quite literally jumping up and down in his rage.
    The party was attended by literally hundreds of people.
    with the meaning of each individual word given exactly
    The term Mardi Gras literally means Fat Tuesday in French.
    in a completely accurate way
    The story he told was basically trueeven if it wasn't literally true.
    informal - used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement or description that is not literally true or possible
    The group literally poured out new ideas. [=the group produced many new ideas]
    Steam was literally coming out of his ears. [=he was very angry]
    She was literally beside herself with rage.