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  • noun
    plural -neers
    [count] a person who has scientific training and who designs and builds complicated products, machines, systems, or structures :a person who specializes in a branch of engineering
    a software engineer
    a person who runs or is in charge of an engine in an airplane, a ship, etc.
    a flight engineer
    b US :a person who runs a train
    The engineer stopped the train.
    c Brit :a person who is trained to repair electrical or mechanical equipment
    The telephone engineer [=(USrepairmansoon got my phone working again.
    a soldier who builds roads, bridges, etc.
    -neers; -neered; -neering
    [+ obj] to plan, build, or manage (something) by using scientific methods - usually used as (be) engineered
    to produce or plan (something) especially in a clever and skillful way
    She managed to engineer [=finaglea deal.
    technical :to change the genetic structure of (a plant or animal) - usually used as (be) engineered

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